Sunday, June 14, 2015

People power

A big thumbs up to our teams of volunteers who helped us get the word out about the Town Hall. You are the backbone of this movement. You're the reason we've gotten incredible support with the residents.

Thank you for all the hours you put in. Thank you for passing out the thousands of Town Hall flyers to let the resident of Irvine have a voice on the future of their community. It's exciting to see everyone going above and beyond for a cause you believe in. Despite mayor Steven Choi and councilman Lynn Schott's unexplained last minute pull out and meeting cancellation, we still had many passionate residents come out.

Lastly, thank you for exceeding all expectation in our signature collection drive. The more people know the truth about the cemetery, the bigger our movement becomes. Together, we will hold the those responsible accountable for the will of the residents. The momentum is on our side. We are all here to fight for our quality of life and future of our community.

Written by Rakefire

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